Eaglebrook Celebrates it’s 81st Country Fair

Amidst a foggy start, the 2023 Country Fair and 父母' Weekend exceeded expectations. The excitement of Country Fair officially kicked off Wednesday night when our students, organized by advisee groups, began crafting posters to promote their concessions. 看看这些海报 在这里 and see photos of the evening 在这里

Friday marked the arrival of our students' 父母 and 家庭. The assembly area was packed with the presence of our extended Eaglebrook committee as we gat在这里d to hear from Harry Kim ’24, the President of the Student Council, give his 六年级 Assembly. 下面这个, 父母 joined their children in attending all seven class periods, offering a unique glimpse into the daily life of an Eaglebrook student. See pictures from the day 在这里

那天下午晚些时候, the moment we had all been waiting for arrived – the 81st Country Fair on Memorial Field. Traditional booths like the Greased Barrel and the Caramel Apple Stand remained as popular as ever. This while new events such as Mr. Bogel’s Maze and Face Painting held by the Manto advising group made their impact on the crowd. Find pictures from the 81st Country Fair 在这里. Find the 2023 Country Fair Video 在这里.

跟随博览会,  六年级ers and their 父母 gat在这里d in the Assembly Area for the Secondary School Advising panel, featuring admissions officers from different schools. 同时, 父母' Receptions took place for the Third, 第四, 及第五表格, providing an invaluable forum for sharing thoughts and experiences.

As the day drew to a close, we us在这里d in an Evening of the 艺术, w在这里 our talented students delivered a delightful array of musical performances followed by three one-act plays. Find pictures of the event 在这里. Find the 2023 Evening of the 艺术 videos 在这里.

Saturday witnessed the return of 父母 to campus for an exciting series of athletic contests. It all began with in-person parent-teacher conferences. 会议结束后, 家庭 gat在这里d for a delightful lunch followed by the 父母' Association Meeting, 六年级学生, 受托人, 以及我们的校长, 安德鲁·蔡斯, shared their invaluable experiences with the Eaglebrook community. See pictures of the event 在这里

在下午, our fields came alive with numerous teams competing, showcasing the true spirit of sportsmanship. Almost every Eaglebrook sport made its mark in some way. Find pictures of the afternoon athletics 在这里

Country Fair stands as a cherished tradition that unites students, 家庭, and faculty for a weekend of sheer enjoyment. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the 父母 and alumni who graced us with their presence. We eagerly anticipate your return for the Winter Carnival.
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